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“Make Owen County Blue Again”

Make Owen County Blue Again is not just a slogan. It is a reminder of the past and a challenge for a greater future. This statement lets those who are younger or new to Owen County know that Democrats once were in the majority. There was a time when we won elections and led the community. It lets people know that there is a Democratic Party in Owen County with a long history of leadership. Make Owen County Blue Again is not just about the past. It is also about our future. It is a call to participate, to move forward and hope, and believe that we can lead again. Blue again will only take place if we do the hard work and MAKE things happen.

We adults challenge our kids and grandkids that if they want something, they have to make it happen. You have to put in the time, effort, and investment to realize your dreams. We say anything that is good or worthwhile is worth the cost. Those statements are not just for our young people. We need to remind ourselves and put them into practice in our own lives. Make the investment in our political efforts.

During the summer, many of us will go to our gardens and get a tomato off the vine. We will harvest some delicious, sweet corn or fresh watermelon. Nothing tastes better than that. Those great vegetables and fruits didn’t just magically appear on our plates. First, someone prepared the ground for planting, placed the seeds in the ground, watered them, and made sure the weeds didn’t stop them from growing. It was work! All that work was worth it. It may have cost us time, money, and hard work, but nothing tastes better than something you have grown yourself. For us to Make Owen County Blue Again, we as a party and individuals have got to do the work to reap the harvest.

I have been asked more than once why Owen County Democrats don’t have more people on the ballot. The answer is very simple: we aren’t doing the work preparing the ground, planting, watering, and pulling the weeds. Candidates will not magically appear every two years. We need you and me to do the hard work in between elections. What that looks like is more of us coming to monthly meetings, participating in our action groups, volunteering to lead your precinct, learning how elections work, participating in events to help spread the message, and giving through “ActBlue.” When we all work together on these things, more candidates will be on the ballot. Blue will return to Owen County leadership.

You can start today looking through our website at This website will give you lots of information about elections, local events, and ways to be involved. While on the site, there are two things you can do to help Make Owen County Blue Again. Under the resource tab, fill out the contact information. This will help us share with you involvement opportunities in the future. Second, sign up for ActBlue! We use this format to give a one-time or a monthly donation to the local party. I am personally hoping to find 100 Democrats out of the 1400+ who vote every election to give a minimum of $5.00 a month. That would cover our monthly expenses, raise $3,000 a year that could be used for elections, and free up all our other fundraising money for the same. It shows a few more people doing a little more can make a big difference. That’s how we can Make Owen County Blue Again. Now that you're all signed up, we will see you at the next monthly meeting, right? They are held every fourth Saturday of the month from 11 am to 1 pm at party headquarters located at 126 E Jefferson Street, Spencer, IN.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this article. I look forward to working with you on this journey. We have been a Blue County, and we can Make Owen County Blue Again. Thanks in advance for all you are about to do in making this happen.

Purchase and/or invest

"Make Owen County Blue Again"


Above is a picture of an 18 x 12 yard sign designed to spread our message. The price of these signs depends on the number we order. The purpose of these signs is fourfold. First, they convey the message that this county has been and can be again a Blue Democratic-led county. Second, they support all our candidates and encourage our neighbors and friends to vote for Democratic candidates. Third, they can serve as a fundraiser for the party, enabling us to support candidates more effectively. Fourth, they inform people about our website, so they can learn more about the party, our activities, and our candidates.

We need your help to make this a reality. Before a purchase is made, we want to ensure there is interest. We certainly don't want to spend money only to have signs sitting in a room somewhere. It would also be helpful if someone who believes in the message could make the initial investment by funding the initial purchase.

Here is an example of how the signs can serve as a fundraiser when we sell each sign for $10.00. If we order 25 signs for $80.01, making them $3.20 each, this would raise $170.00. Ordering 50 signs for $156.24, making them $3.13 each, would raise $343.50. Finally, if we order 100 signs for $228.00, making them $2.28 each, we could raise $772.00.

What I would like to ask you is, first, would you be interested in buying one or more signs? Secondly, because we have to pay for them upfront, would you be interested in donating to pay for the initial purchase? If you are interested in either, connect to the appropriate link below. Fill out the contact information and in the description, let me know if you are interested in buying a sign and how many. If you would be interested in helping fund the initial purchase, state that as well or email me at

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