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Welcome Wagon

There is not a greater action that we can take than welcoming people. That is why the Welcome Wagon is the first and most important group of our local party. They are greeting the first time visitor, sending personal cards welcoming guest, calling those who have not attended lately, gathering hobby and interest information on fellow party members and helping to get them involved in the democratic family.

If you like doing one or more of the following then participating on the welcome wagon action team maybe the place for you:

  • Meeting New People 

  • Talking on the phone

  • Sending Notes

  • Motivating friends

  • Making people laugh

  • Sending text messages

  • Talking on the phone

 "If you would like to participate in or learn more about the 'Welcome Wagon' Action Group, click the tab below. Fill out your contact information and mention your interest in the 'Welcome Wagon.' Alternatively, you can contact us at"

Image by Jaye Haych


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