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The Fixer Uppers

"Calling all Chip and Joanna Gaines wannabes! We're fortunate to have our own building, but it could use a bit of a fixer-upper touch. Now's your chance, Chips and Joannas, to show off your talents. Who knows? We might even have a demolition day where you could get the chance to take down a wall.

Here are a few of the projects that are in our future:

  • Prep & Paint exterior of building

  • Landscaping of exterior

  • Paint lobby floors and walls

  • Repair four windows

  • Paint kitchen cabinets

  • Add wall in kitchen area

  • Repair ceiling tiles

"If you would like to participate in or learn more about the 'Fixer Upper' Action Group, click the button below. Fill out your contact information and mention your interest in the 'Fixer Upper.' Alternatively, you can contact us at"

Fund Fixer Upper Projects

 "If you would like to contribute to a specific fixer-upper project or support the action group as a whole, click the link below. In the description, please indicate what you would like your donation to support."

 First Impressions - Project Number One

The Fixer upper team wants to make a good first impression upon you.  They have started by some hard work at the exterior entrance.  They scrapped away paint and removed rust before painting with a bright white.  For luck the trimmed the window in Democrat Blue. LOL Thank you David and Anne Henk along with JoAnne Neal for sharing your talents and time.  Enjoy a few photos below. Add your photo by participating in one our upcoming projects.


Renovations at Headquarters

"It wasn't that many years ago that the Owen County Democratic Headquarters was under renovation! Anita Morgan was our local party chair, and the vision for renovating the building was called 'Build Back Better.' Below is a slideshow displaying some of the work in progress, giving our HQ some much-needed TLC. Bruce Morgan led a team of volunteers in their efforts. It was a great deal of work, and even President Biden came by to show his appreciation. Enjoy these slides from that time."


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