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Election Update Letter

Hello fellow Democrats,

The primaries are now complete, and I want to thank all those who volunteered to work at the polls on election day and in the weeks prior to the election.

Congratulations to Sandy Wood Calvert in the At-Large primary for county council. Democrat William L. Jennings was the winner of our District 3 run for county commissioner. He will be facing Republican David Risk, who was in a three-person contest. Risk defeated current commissioner Joel Walter, who only received 12% of the vote. The public is very upset with the commissioners for many reasons. I am sure that the leading article in the Owen News, May 3, 2024, concerning the public's right to speak at meetings was not helpful. Extremely foolish timing for candidates' statements to be made days before an election. You should pick up a free copy of the paper and read it.

Democrat John Wayne Keene, who was a candidate for District three, will continue to represent the party in the fall. His race with William Jennings was very close, with John receiving 44% of the vote. John, looking to serve the community, has agreed to run for one of the three At-Large county council positions.

We now just need two candidates to fill the ballot this fall. First, a candidate for commissioner in District 2 to run against former sheriff Sam Hobbs. Mr. Hobbs defeated another incumbent commissioner, Bob Curry, receiving 69% of the vote. The second candidate to fill the ballot is an At-large County Council position. It would be fantastic to have a full ballot this fall. Win or lose, it would be a step forward to "Make Owen County Blue Again."

Two things for you to decide:

Would you place your name on the ballot to give your fellow Democrats a choice this fall?

Second, if running for office is not for you, we have at least one person who would be willing to run if they had the finances. What they and all our candidates need is people to finance their campaigns. Whether it be $20, $100, or $1,000, your donation can make a difference. No campaign is cheap, not even local. Could you be that financial backer?

If you are a maybe or yes to either of these questions, please contact us AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. The primary is over, but the campaign for fall has started and we don't want to lose another day. Contact Party Chair Thomasina Marsili at 317-294-8020, Party Secretary Brian Daniel at 317-509-8123, or email Please feel free to leave a voicemail with your name and phone number. If you have decided on which office you would like to run for or if you're wanting to give, let us know what donation you are thinking of, or we can discuss that later.

You are the difference whether Owen County will be Blue Again. I look forward to hearing from you concerning these two important questions that will move us toward that goal.

Thank You,

Brian Daniel Secretary OC Democrats

P.S. If you would like to donate to a specific candidate or elections in general click the link below. You can make a one time or a reoccurring donation. Please be sure to designate in the description box the  candidate you are giving to.  You may also send a check to the Owen County Democrats at PO Box 51, Spencer, IN 47460 for candidates or any other donating purpose.

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