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Owen County Democratic Party Leadership Team

Our OCDP leadership is a mix of relative newcomers to Owen County and to politics, along with those who have been here and served in the community in numerous capacities. Each of us hopes to serve the community and work with Republicans, Libertarians and Independents to make Owen County a great place to live for our families and friends. Although our slogan may be "Make Owen County Blue Again" we know and believe neither one party, nor one person, has all the answers and get things done alone. We are in this together as a community. We hope you will come join us as Democrats to do our part to "Make Owen County Blue Again" but above all else HOME for all the citizens of Owen County.

Chair: Thomasina Marsili

Vice Chair: George Brinson

Secretary: Brian Daniel

Treasurer: Sandy Calvert

All Owen County Democrats are invited to attend either in person or online.

Use the link provided to attend the meeting via Zoom.


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