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April Update

In April, lots of great work was happening all over HQ! From the start of some interior renovations, to a lively and engaging monthly meeting, Owen County Democrats have enjoyed an uptick in activity and participation as we start seeing signs of pre-pandemic life emerge. Bruce Morgan's building committee got a great start on the major undertaking of renovating the main meeting space. With the help of a dynamic team of volunteers, the interior walls were patched and painted a beautiful blue with white trim! There's still lots of work to be done, so stay tuned, and better yet-- get involved!

Before the monthly meeting, there was a social hour where Thomasina provided a baked potato bar, accompanied by Bruce's Blueberry Pie. During the meeting Thomasina introduced the Map the Vote efforts and how this tool can help us register voters in Owen County. The Party is preparing for the annual Yard Sale and will be collecting donations soon! Join us in May at Veteran's Memorial Park for the monthly meeting and another social hour!

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